welcome to a hearty home


Hi there! I'm Margot and you've landed on my tiny space on the web. ðŸŒŋ  ðŸ‰
With my content I wish to inspire you to design the life and home that you want.
In my daily life I teach second grade at an international school in Belgium and I'm so proud to be a coach, a mentor and a guide for all of my kids. If you let me be your guide and mentor too, I hope I can inspire you to slow down and to reconnect with your deepest desires. Living is an art and it's not always easy, but I truly believe that if you approach all that happens in life with an open and non-judmental mind you will find your path. So let's create the life we dream about, together, on the inside as well as on the outside, shaped from beautiful intentions and set in beautiful spaces.


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