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Our bedroom statement wall (before and after)



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How/why I have re-organised my blog categories

Hustle & growing as a blogger I'm the first one to admit that I have always not-so-secretly wanted to grow a successful blog and build that into an online business some day, not because I think it's a way to get rich quick but because even though I put in many hours a week shooting, writing, editing, designing, ... on top of my full time day job now, it never feels like work. I really believe that you have to hustle for everything you want and treating my blog like a business from the very start is in my eyes a very important part of that hustle.  However, I think that in order to achieve my goal of blog success, in the past I have focused too much on creating content that would"sell" instead of focusing on what I really wanted to put out in the world and as a consequence I've ...

                                             20 February 2018 · behind the scenes

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland

Blogging has always been something very personal for me. The last few years, the pressure has been on though, to focus on writing content as the expert and although I'm super passionate about and have a ton of tips to share on some topics (like how to blog or learning to practise self-care), traveling is not one of those areas. I love seeing new places and I love finding photo worthy spots when we're traveling but I have never felt confident enough to put together a travel guide. Like, I went somewhere once and you think I know what's a must see? I'm just a tourist following the advice of Mr. Google ... So although we visited some pretty amazing places during our summer road trip to Croatia, the only wanderlust-style posts I've shared so far are A day in Salzburg, ...

adventures · 18 February 2018


Self-love and self-care for Valentine's Day

Every year when Valentine's Day is coming up, wherever you go, red and pink heart decorations are thrown in your face. On the day itself, men are expected to buy roses or jewellery for their ladies, dinner reservations are all sold out (at least the ones where you don't sit only 20cm away from the next table) and all grandparents have a random Kuschelrock vinyl on repeat. But since the saying goes "You can't love anyone truly until you love yourself" I really wanted to focus on me this Valentine's Day to kickstart some healthy self-love and self-care traditions and rituals. Although I'm well into my twenties - only a few more years before I turn 30! - I still haven't gotten into a solid self-care routine and it's usually also the first thing that goes when I'm ...

                                                              14 February 2018 · self-care