about the writer and this blog


about this online hub

The new www.aheartyhome.com 2.0 re-launched in May 2017 after a bit of soul searching and detoxing from the online world on my part. With a slightly different approach to blogging I wish to create a space where we can have deep conversations about meaningful topics.

I have kept three main categories to really make this a minimal and easy site to navigate: interior, lifestyle and wellbeing. In interior you will find inspiration and organisation for actual spaces. In lifestyle I will share travels, life stories and activities, musings about the art of living and opinions on life related topics. In wellbeing you will find everything related to mindfulness, food and recipes, health and sports.

I have chosen to archive old blog posts in the back end of the site. There are a few reasons for it but mainly I wanted a fresh new start to build a space that is inspiring, beautiful and minimal, not crowded with old, out of sync blog posts, both in content and in lay-out, that are no longer relevant to you or me.


hi! I'm Margot ...

I'm a 27-year-old creative from Belgium, trying to find my way in life, together with my partner in crime Ruben.

I'm a wannabe: photographer, writer, musician, interior decorator, healthy cook/baker and DIY-er. 

I'm a real: dreamer, philosopher, bookworm, tv series addict, supernatural science fiction lover, urban jungle enthusiast, soul searcher, primary school teacher & blogger.

I like things cosy, beautiful and made for living a full life but secretly I am super messy. Like ... sirens and flashing red lights messy! My family and friends will totally confirm that.

Ruben and I moved into our own apartment a year and a half ago. Till this day it's still in the process of being built into a home for us and maybe one day our family.