Curious? I've got you!


about this online hub

The new 2.0 re-launched in May 2017 after a bit of soul searching and detoxing from the online world and has since gone through a thorough redesign and reorginisation to become the online hub it is today. 

With a more open, honest and holistic approach to blogging I wish to create a space where I can share my love for life, interiors, food & self development + teach other creators how to create beautiful and professional blogs.

I have kept 3 main categories with a subdivision into 8 topics to hopefully make this space clear and easy to navigate:

· wellness; food
· wellness; self-care
· lifestyle; interiors
· lifestyle; thoughts
· lifestyle; adventures
· blog + biz; behind the scenes
· blog + biz; how to blog
· blog + biz; brunch browsing



My name is Margot and I'm a 27-year-old creative from Belgium, trying to find my way in life, together with my partner in crime Ruben.

I'm a wannabe: photographer, writer, musician, interior decorator, healthy cook/baker and DIY-er. 

I'm a real: dreamer, philosopher, bookworm, tv series addict, supernatural science fiction lover, urban jungle enthusiast, soul searcher, primary school teacher & blogger.

I like things cosy, beautiful and made for living a full life but secretly I am super messy. Like ... sirens and flashing red lights messy! My family and friends will totally confirm that.

Ruben and I moved into our own apartment a year and a half ago. Till this day it's still in the process of being built into a home for us and maybe one day our family.