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One of my most popular blog posts ever on the old blog was this recipe: home made oven baked fries in less than 1 hour. Even though I originally posted it more than one and a half years ago, I still use the exact same recipe to make delicious oven fries and I still love it to bits because it's so easy yet so delicious, so I thought it was worth re-sharing with some new mouthwatering photographs for you to drool over! 

I spent the last years coming to terms with my love for french fries and it hasn't been an easy road. During my years of battling food I would binge on them almost daily, without really tasting them anymore, and still to this day, fries are one of my trigger foods. But while recovering and learning to eat intuitively I still found myself craving french fries. At first I completely ignored that craving, because after all, I was trying to heal myself from them. I didn't want to fall into the bingeing trap again. But slowly I realized that the french fries weren't the problem. The problem was me and how I viewed them as a forbidden and dangerous food. And we always want what we can't have so it resulted in a spiral of obsession, temporary satisfaction/numbness and guilt. Over and over and over again.

I knew I just couldn't do that anymore so very slowly (and very cautiously at first) I let go of the restrictions and unlocked the french fries door permanently. Once I did, I cannot begin to tell you what a difference for my sanity it was. When I would be thinking about french fries I would sit with it for a little while and if I really honestly wanted them, to enjoy them, I let myself. And strangely, more often than not, I would realize that I didn't really want them, it was the idea of them that haunted me, the leftovers of an obsession that had dominated my life for years.


Learning to listen to your true cravings isn't always easy, because they're diluted by all the unnatural, overprocessed possibilities out there. So when I'm thinking about food I try to figure out the basics. Am I hungry and if so, how hungry? Do I crave something salty? Something sweet? Something savory? Something warm or cold? This really helps me guide my decision about what to eat. More often than not I realize I'm not really hungry at all, I'm just thinking about delicious food and that's okay. Thinking about food when you're not hungry is a little like dreaming of traveling. You don't actually take the car to the airport and run off to an island every time you think about traveling do you? So then why do you eat every time you think about food?

But if you are hungry and you want something warm, salty and savory, home made oven fries are a good option. You get to enjoy a food you really love, you can make the exact amount you need (because let's face it, take-out if always too much but we eat it anyway because we paid for it). You can season them however you like and in the end, they're just potatoes with a little bit of olive oil so there's no need for guilt after eating them (in moderation of course). Taking a little bit of time preparing your own fries at home and waiting for them to be ready in the oven, it's all part of celebrating food. Just be sure to eat them slowly and mindfully, eyes closed if needed, to fully taste all the deliciousness. When you do, you'll need less food for more pleasure and that's what celebrating food is all about: the right amount to be full and satisfied with maximum enjoyment!


Recipe: One oven tray of delicious golden brown home made oven fries

· 4-5 large potatoes  
· 2-3 tsp olive oil  
· salt  
· paprika powder (opt)  
· cayenne pepper (opt)  

· Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC/392°F  
· Line an oven rack with parchment paper (preferably a rack for better air circulation, but you can use a tray too)  
· Wash the potatoes thoroughly, peeling is optional  
· Cut the potatoes into fry-size pieces, however you like them  
· Put the fries in a colander and rinse thoroughly  
· Completely dry the fries with a clean kitchen towel  
· Toss the fries with olive oil, salt and spices in a big bowl; make your hands dirty! (or take a spoon to toss around)  
· Spread the well coated fries evenly on the parchment paper, make sure they don't overlap  
· When the oven is hot, put the rack in the middle and bake the fries for 35-45min at 180ºC/356°F or until golden brown  
· Take the fries out of the oven
· Serve with homemade mayonnaise, enjoy!


What about you?

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