1 May 2017  ·  posted in interiors

Dreaming of greenery

When I was a teenager my mom would sometimes leave me a note with little tasks to do when I got home from school, and one of those task would be to water the plants. And so I did, reluctantly. I watered the plants very quickly to get it done as fast as I could and so I could move on to something more fun. So when there was no note to water the plants, I wouldn't even notice they were there. More than a few plants in my room didn't survive because I didn't notice them and subsequently didn't take care of them, at all. But over the last few years I have been noticing plants in living spaces more and more and I've started to dream about my own urban jungle. Most of my green inspiration comes from the Urban Jungle Bloggers' blogs and the Urban Jungle Blog Instagram. How amazing and fresh do their spaces look? Whenever I have a bad day I know that looking at their pictures will instantly lift my mood and make me excited about growing our own arsenal of greens until our space too can be categorized as an urban jungle. (I know I've used that term a lot already, but it's such a good description...)


Is there a minimum?

Dreaming about giving our apartment a more green and natural vibe, I have been wondering: is there a certain amount of plants that you need to have before your space can be called an urban jungle? Probably not, but our apartment, with 8 or 9 plants looks nothing like these amazing pictures yet so I guess it must be at least 30 or 40 before it really has the urban jungle feel. I think the secret to create a "good" green space that always looks fresh is to find the right kind of plants that fit together and that don't require so much care. Beautiful, low maintenance plants.

Choosing plants

We have this one house plant that is so beautiful but it is never ever happy. Too dry, too wet, too hot, too cold, ... the slightest shift in environment makes it "sad" and its leaves just droop down to the floor. Not a pretty sight. On the other hand, it's probably not a good idea to have too many of the same plants either, although I would love to buy some more of the Zamioculcas or Emerald Palm (the plant in the first pictures) because no matter what the environment does, it is always looking fresh and happy. I can even forget to water it for a few weeks and it still looks amazing. So ideally what I'm looking for is a nice variety of beautiful low maintenance plants, some with flowers, some with big leaves, some with fruits on them, ... One plant that is absolutely on my wish list is a small indoor orange tree. It smells amazing and how cool does it look when it actually has oranges on it? And even without them it still looks adorable with its tiny trunk and it's ball shaped "body" on top.


Big plants big cash

One reason why our urban jungle is expanding so slowly is that plants are quite expensive. When I went to a real garden center for the first time I almost fell over reading the price tags on some plants. I do understand that they have to be cared for for a long time before they can actually be sold but I didn't expect them to be that pricy. And even if you manage to find healthy, beautiful plants for a reasonable price, beautiful flower pots are even more expensive.

One big plant with one nice, authentic looking, big flower pot will easily cost you €60-€100 if not more. While I'm dreaming about this urban jungle I feel like I still need to convince myself that buying many plants for our apartment is a good investment. They do after all brighten up your space and clean the air which are two things that help us live a relaxed and healthy life, no? I'm just not convinced that I will able to keep all of these babies alive and happy and if they were to die the investment would go down the drain.


What do you think?

Is it worth spending a generous amount of money to create a beautiful urban jungle space?
Or would you rather spend it on other things?