28 December 2017 · posted in adventures


Another milepost

Not so long ago we celebrated my dear brother and my other half's 30th birthdays and I bought them both a card that said in Dutch "Mijlpalen zijn er om slingers aan te hangen!" which roughly translates to "Mileposts are there to have garlands hanging from them!" Although very cheesy I absolutely love the idea of looking at those big turning points in life as something positive, a reason to celebrate, instead of something dreaded and irreversible on our way to well, being old(er).

Seeing them both squirm every time the big number was mentioned made me think of my own life path which is, not so far behind, slowly creeping to the big 30 as well. In two and a half years it will be my turn to hit that next milepost and although I'm now preaching positivity and acceptance, when push comes to shove, maybe I will be equally ungraciously squirming when hearing the big number 3.

Out of my comfort zone

All this thinking about mileposts gave me the idea to create a 30 before 30 bucket list, which is oh so very unoriginal, but a lot of fun and a reason for me to make the most of those two and half years of still being part of the twenty something club. 

While writing this list I've tried to focus on the things that in my mind, will become increasingly more difficult as I get older but in no way does that mean that anything on this list is impossible after 30. I will probably kick myself later for even remotely thinking that 30 is "old" but well, that's the beauty of different perspectives.


As I try to complete this 30 before 30 bucket list (in no particular order) in the next two and a half years I'll keep you updated on progress! Doing a rough estimate, I will be on track to complete this list if I complete one bucket list item every month.


30 before 30: bucket list

☐ 1. Eat a different fruit each day for a month  
☐ 2. Attend a Masquerade Ball   
☐ 3. Run a 10k race  
☐ 4. Get hypnotized   
☐ 5. Play paintball with friends  
☐ 6. Ride a horse in the countryside or on the beach  
☐ 7. Make a video and upload it to YouTube  
☐ 8. Eat vegan for a month  
☐ 9. Go on a weekend trip with my other half without phones  
☐ 10. Write one more song  
☐ 11.  Learn how to fight in a self defense course  
☐ 12. Visit Paris  
☐ 13. See an Opera  
☐ 14. Volunteer for a project of Teachers Without Borders  
☐ 15. Make a painting and hang it on the wall  
☐ 16. Cut out sugar for a month  
☐ 17. Shoot a gun at a gun range  
☐ 18. Learn to cook 5 dishes from different countries  
☐ 19. Try out pole dancing (hello body confidence!)  
☐ 20. Ride (on the back of) a motorcycle  
☐ 21. Perform one more live show as a singer/songwriter  
☐ 22. Visit New York  
☐ 23. Become a blood donor  
☐ 24. Drive a rally/race car on a race track  
☐ 25. Get a pedicure   
☐ 26. Go on a solo travel trip   
☐ 27. Take a photography class     
☐ 28. See a ballet show    
☐ 29. Go on a spiritual retreat    
☐ 30. Get a (temporary) tattoo