28 May 2017 · posted in interiors


Big changes

Today I'm excited to share a first little peek at the progress we've made so far in remodeling and restyling our apartment. It has been a long journey of ups and downs, quick progress in some areas and months of no progress in others. Honestly, I have to admit we deeply underestimated how much work a remodel is, especially if you want to do the majority of the work yourself. When we moved in one and a half years ago the living room had ugly old beige stone floors and soft shiny silver and dark burgundy wallpaper with snake and crocodile textured prints, the windows where done in dark brown wood and the fireplace was an eighties red brick construction. In short, it wasn't really what we had in mind for a place to live (not even for a temporary home as we've always dreamt about having a garden) but there was a lot of potential to the space and especially the fact that there was a lot of light everywhere made us decide to take the plunge, buy the apartment and remodel it to our likes to make it beautiful and bright and hopefully also reach a slightly higher asking price for when we decide to sell it again. Agreed, we will probably never recuperate all the money and work we've put into this place, but even if we don't, I don't regret doing the remodel because the new modern interior makes me love this place every day and it's me that lives here now.


It's all about balance

Two weeks ago I talked about compromises in relationships and I already briefly mentioned that we'd been looking at TV stands and we finally decided on one that we both liked and that would fit with the rest of our interior choices, the Tundo Diogo extensible cabinet. I intentionally wrote like because this TV stand is not 100% my style and probably if I'd had to pick something by myself I would probably go for something a little less modern and a little more bohemian with legs under but I already got my desired coffee tables and big china cabinet so I'm happy with my compromise. I know that Ruben loves this simple modern design and that I sometimes push a little too hard to give our space a bohemian vibe, so we try to balance each other out and this TV stand was the perfect combo between modern and boho. I also know that once it is styled and part of our interior the TV stand will grow on me so today I gave styling it a first try and I'm quite pleased with the result. With the cabinet being extensible there are endless options for positioning and styling so it was a bit of trial and error to get it just right.

The stereo system underneath the extensible part of the cabinet on the left is a real vintage Sony radio/cd/cassette player with external speakers. It's a little weird to put vintage in that sentence because I got it for my 12th or 13th birthday (which doesn't feel that long ago!) but when I started counting how old the stereo system actually was, earlier today, it turned out to be 15 or 16 years old already. So that make me officially old? Since the stereo still works perfectly there is no need to exchange it for a much more expensive Marshall speaker although it's totally on trend lately ...

Keep is simple

When styling surfaces, both cabinets and shelves, lately I've been really loving styling books and accessorizing with plants. Every surface looks so much brighter and happier with a hint of green and some books on top, preferably with some colorful patterns. For this reason I love my Urban Jungle book and my Ayurveda cooking book. They're not only relaxing and nice to read, they make the best decoration too. Also, how gorgeous are the Happinez magazine covers and sides? I only have two of them in Dutch but I'm debating whether or not to get a subscription to the English version. There are so many wonderful articles in it and it's just so pretty I can't resist.

I hope you loved this first little sneak peek into our interior decor and styling. Stay tuned for more corners and rooms of our house to be revealed on the blog slowly. Not everything is in the finished stages yet, but I love sharing the bits that are. Let me know what you think of our sitting area space progress? Which item would you style in your house? Let me know in the comments below!