22 May 2017 ·  posted in thoughts and food


Those of you who follow me over on Instagram probably already know that yesterday was my 27th birthday. Although I've been 26 for the entire past year (logically) somehow it feels a little surreal to turn 27. When I look at these numbers written down here it feels even more surreal. I keep hoping somehow that when I say the number "twenty seven" enough to myself that it's all going to make sense to me, but it doesn't. Being 27 now means that I've been "an adult" and away from secondary school for nine years already. I can't quite believe that time has gone by so quickly.

These past nine adult years have been years of finding myself and figuring out what I wanted to do in life. It's been a rocky path to say the least and I haven't always been proud of my life's resume. But now, being a little older with a little more perspective, when I look back at my path so far, I am thankful that I got the chance to take some wrong turns here and there and grow as a person as a result of that. Everything that I've experienced has, in some way, contributed to the place in life where I am now and even though I used to have quite a lot of regrets about some "lost years" in my early twenties, I have come to realize, especially over this last year when the pieces of my life's puzzle finally started to come together, that maybe those things needed to happen to push me in the right direction.

Before this short celebratory post turns into a complete melancholic look at my past, my colleagues really loved the not-really-cheesecake I brought to work today so I thought it would be nice to make this the first recipe post on the new blog. I know in the title it says blueberry cheesecake and it certainly looks like it, but since there is no actual cheese in it, I might have cheated due to lack of a better description. I promise though, once you try this way of making "cheesecake" you'll never want to go back to actual cheesecake. It's divine.


Recipe: Blueberry "cheesecake"

· 0,4l heavy whipping cream  
· 2x170g greek yoghurt 0% fat  
· 200g powdered sugar  
· 350g speculoos biscuits  
· 90g melted butter  
· 2 cups fresh (or defrosted) blueberries  
· 2 teaspoons lemon juice   

· Crunch the biscuits (in a ziplock bag) until fully crumbled  
· Melt the butter, add it to the crumbles and mix well  
· Press the crumbles firmly into a baking pan (best 8-10cm high) · Put the crust in the freezer to set while preparing the rest  
· Whip the heavy cream, 1x yoghurt and 150g powdered sugar until thick and creamy  
· Blend 1 cup of blueberries with 1x yoghurt and the lemon juice in a powerful blender  
· Slowly blend 50g of powdered sugar into the blueberry blend  
· Add 3 tablespoons of the natural whipped cream to the blueberry blend, fold it in slowly  
· Take the crust out of the freezer an spread the natural whipped cream evenly first, then the blueberry blend on top   
· Freeze your 3 layer result for 4-5 hours to set  
· Top with 1 cup of fresh blueberries right before serving

This blueberry not-really-cheesecake is the most summery dessert I've had in quite a while! It's the perfect blend of sweet, fresh, soft and crunchy. The hint of lemon makes it the perfect desert even after a heavy meal since it tastes so refreshing. I'm sad my colleagues ate it all...