13 August 2017 · posted in food

Every day, when I was still in school, my mum would get up early to set the table for breakfast. There would be bread and lots of sandwich fillings: cheese, ham, spreads, ..., butter, yoghurt, milk, tea and coffee and (healthy) cereal if we wanted. In short: every morning there was a beautifully set table with lots of options to choose from and when I was younger I would eat a few slices of bread with some toppings/fillings but I was never really hungry in the morning, I ate because I had to. I never really enjoyed eating breakfast and I think that has to do with the fact that I'm not really a bread person, especially not brown bread. So despite all my mum's caring efforts to set a beautiful table with healthy options every single morning, even on her free day when she could have slept in, I was never really excited for breakfast.

So as I got older, and a little more rebellious, I would sleep in as long as I possibly could and then I'd take an eternity getting ready for school: showering, choosing the right outfit and doing my hair and make-up would take me at least an hour if not more every single day. So by the time I was ready, there would be no more time for breakfast so I'd quickly kiss my mum and run out to catch the last possible bus to school. Doing this every single day has probably, in a way, conditioned my body so that it's not hungry in the morning, because I've never really fueled up properly for the day. So almost ten years later now, I still struggle with breakfast. I still sleep in as long as I possibly can and most days I run off to work without eating a single bite.

Problem with not eating breakfast? You guessed it: snacking through the day. By now I understand how my body works and how it needs fuel to go about my day and how I'm not giving it proper nutrition and how I'm preventing myself from losing weight because my body stores everything it gets because my eating pattern is so irregular and it doesn't know when it's gonna be fed something nutritious next... I know all that. I know that I have to eat something in the first hour after getting up in the morning, but still I struggle with breakfast because I don't know what to eat. So I'm making changes and I'm trying new things for breakfast. I'm being adventurous now that I have time to take care of myself without the pressure of being at work on time and I'm trying different breakfast foods to see which ones could become staples in the future. Last week I tried my first ever smoothie bowl and today I'm sharing my first ever yoghurt bowl. The verdict? I liked this yoghurt bowl much better. It's creamier and there was more fresh fruit involved. Maybe for my next breakfast trial I'll combine the best of both.

Recipe: Banana & strawberry yoghurt bowl

I know it says recipe, but preparing a yoghurt breakfast bowl is more of an assembly than an actual making of something. I'm going to go ahead and put the ingredients and the preparation steps here anyway, just for the sake of being consistent, because let's face it, a five year old could make this bowl. Feel free to just take inspiration from the ingredients and make your own variation!

· 1 plain Activia probiotic yoghurt  
· 1 (kiwi) flavoured Activia probiotic yoghurt  
· 1 banana   
· a handful of fresh strawberries  
· a handful of crunchy granola  
· coconut shavings 

· Put both yoghurts into a nice bowl.  
· Mix the yoghurts together with a spoon so the flavoured one becomes a little less strong and sweet.  
· Slice your banana and layer it on one side of the bowl.   
· Wash your strawberries, cut of the leaves, cut them in half and layer them on the other side of the bowl.  
· Layer your granola in the middle to give it some crunch.  
· Sprinkle some coconut shavings on the fruit to make it pretty! 

I know that these breakfast foods (both the smoothie bowl and this one) are not really that fancy and inventive and creative, but I'm sharing them on the blog anyway because this healthy lifestyle is a journey I want to document and get better at. This is still the beginning but I really wish to get better at cooking for myself and my family and sharing the beauty of my healthy meal choices on the blog really helps me to enjoy preparing and eating them and making more healthy food choices next time and maybe it'll inspire you too!

If you're on a healthy lifestyle journey too, I'd love to hear your stories about it: both successes and struggles. Tell me all about in the comments, DM me on Instagram, e-mail me pictures of your food creations!