17 August 2017 · posted in adventures


This year I was super excited for our summer road trip because it would give me the opportunity to both enjoy lots of quality time with Ruben and explore new locations to take a lot of beautiful shots for Instagram and the blog. I think every lifestyle blogger has a thing for traveling and even though we don't do it that often, I really look forward to sharing our travels on the blog because it's something new and exciting. But as I was trying to write this blogpost while still on the road, a month ago, pictures of Salzburg all ready and inserted, it dawned on me that I didn't really know how to write about our travels.

I don't want this travel part of the blog to become a boring diary with a chronological list of exactly what we did and where we went and I also don't intend for any of my wanderlust posts to be an actual in depth travel guide because let's face it: I'm totally not an expert on the topic of traveling. I only know what we did and what we enjoyed but we probably missed a lot of must sees ourselves so I don't really feel confident telling you where to go and what to see. But I do want to collect and share bits and pieces of the travels we loved (so, all of them!) so that you can either enjoy some new places through our travels or get inspiration for your own.

When we were planning and booking our summer travels for this year it was pretty clear that if we wanted to go to Croatia by car, we couldn't do it in one day. So we decided to stop kind of in the middle of the 2000km trip and to stay for a day to recover from driving so we didn't have to crawl back in the car that second consecutive morning. We hoped for something nice to see in that kind of in the middle spot so we were happily surprised Salzburg ended up being the perfect halfway point. I've visited Salzburg when I was in primary school with my family (also for one day) and in my memories, Salzburg has been a magical city, something out of fairytales, ever since. As it made quite the impression on me when I was younger I was thrilled to go back and discover it again with Ruben. 

The thing I love most about exploring a new city is just walking around, randomly, with no real plan other than to see the city, like a real tourist, and that's exactly what we did in Salzburg. After we parked our car somewhere safe, medium expensive and walking distance from the heart of the city, the first thing we saw of Salzburg was the river and the view of the old town of Salzburg with the Festung towering over it on the other side of the river. Absolutely majestic. Then we just strolled around, looking in awe at all the beautiful buildings and gardens en piazza's. Both sides of the river are beautiful in its own way but what amazed us most was how green this city is. There are trees everywhere, grass on the riverbanks, beautiful little gardens, parks and beautiful hills surrounding the old city like a green wall of protection. So of course, we climbed all the steps the walk the panorama road on that green wall which gave us beautiful views of Salzburg.

When visiting a city, especially if it's just for a short time, we usually don't pay to view the inside of buildings, museums or exhibits. Not because we're cheap (I'd rather call it frugal), but because there are so many beautiful things to see for free that we also haven't seen yet. But once we arrived at the Festung after walking along the panorama road and climbing another steep hill to get there, we realized that if we wanted to go inside there was an entrance fee. But even though we try to keep costs at a minimum and enjoy being a tourist for free, when you're in a place that you're not likely going to come back to anytime soon and there is something that you'd really like to see, it's so worth it spending a little bit of money to have that experience.

So we got ourselves a ticket and went on exploring the Festung. I can't really describe it other than very majestic. Once inside, even though there are restaurants and little kiosks and museums, you kind of start to wonder and dream about what life would have been like a few hundred years ago in this stronghold above the city. Imagining yourself living there in another time in different circumstances makes your visit so much more fun than only looking at the architecture, or at least it does for me. When you try to image history happening right where you are standing, you get pulled into your surroundings so much more and instead of only seeing it, you feel it. Try it next time when you're in a place with lots of history and see what happens, or rather feel what happens. Salzburg is a really beautiful city to explore and feel history and I would visit again if I had the chance.

Honestly though, even though I've just told you I loved visiting Salzburg, I have to admit that Ruben and I, we're not really big city mice. We definitely like to soak up culture, admire all the marvelous architecture, get lost in tiny alleys, stumble upon beautiful open piazza's and feel the history of it all but only for a little while. After a good couple of hours exploring and taking in the vibes of a city, we're both drawn to more natural settings to take off the pressure. So around 5pm we felt that we had 'seen it all' or 'felt it all' and we were ready for some nature which we found in Fuschl am See. (Keep an eye out for more details on that magical spot!)