13 January 2018 ·  posted in interiors

Learning to love green

If you'd tell me at seventeen that I would be dreaming of an urban jungle apartment 10 years later, I would've laughed. Plants? Truly you must be talking about someone else. But things change and one of those things is my love for house plants. I still find it very hard to keep them alive. I still don't know if they need more light, less light, more water or less water when they're looking sad and I still don't know which plants grow best where in the apartment. But I do know that I love filling our spaces with green.

Your space is alive!

Having plants around makes a space so much more alive, literally. They live, they breathe and they need to be cared for. Some days I'm better at it than others though. Some days I forget. Some days I notice them looking sad, but I carry on whatever I'm busy with anyway and later I forget. I feel a little guilty about that. I've unintentionally killed plants and I've completely given up on one sad looking plant because I just couldn't figure out how to make him better, so I threw him in the bin. I'm not very proud of that though. I'm learning to care for our plants better and while I'm learning, my love for decorating with greens is growing still, but I've come to realize that the wonderful urban jungles I've been admiring on Instagram are not totally practical to live in. More than once I've walked into a flower pot, toes hurting afterwards.


The middle road

So we're trying to find a balance between our love for greens and a practical space. Putting the right plants in the right spot so that they grow happily, look beautiful and are not preventing doors from opening (very annoying!). My brother in law once told me that we're looking at the whole 'decorating with plants' thing wrong. We fall in love with a certain type of plant on someone's Instagram feed (hello Monstera!) and then we buy that plant for a specific spot in our apartment because 'it will look nice there'. But truth be told, he's right, the plant isn't always happy there.

Inverse plant adoption

So instead of looking at which plants we like, he told us we should look at our apartment climate and figure out which plants would be happy living here. I guess finding plants this way goes a long way to ensure your plants' happiness later. But how can I give up a dream of having a little house tree in our living room when all I see on everyone's feed are gorgeous fiddle leaf figs? I haven't figured out ideal living environments for fiddle leaf figs yet, and I'm a little scared to do so, just in case I discover it won't thrive here. So until we save up some more to spend on inside greenery I can still dream, right?

Plant lust list

I know I just said that it would we wiser to let the plants choose our home instead of the other way around, but we still have a little lust list of plants we would love to add to our collection to decorate our spaces. Recently we already adopted our first monstera but I think they are so cool that he still deserves a spot in this lust list. We're still on the fence about the calathea as we absolutely love the pattern on the leaves but we're not sure about the dark red underside of the leaves, although it is cool, we're still debating whether or not we have a space for it. The last one in the list is entirely my lusting as Ruben hates cacti. I on the other hand am absolutely loving the cool vibes of the tall cacti that were so trendy last year. I hope I can still do some convincing and get one of these babies soon.


pilea peperomioides




fiddle leaf fig




mini orange tree


a tall cactus


What about you?

Which house plants are on your urban jungle lust list?