25 August 2017 · posted in food


My hunt for enjoyable healthy breakfast foods continues and after this bowl and this bowl, today I have something pretty special to share. I ate it for breakfast so it definitely counts as an entry for #projectbreakfast but this would definitely be an amazing desert too. Well, it would be amazing any time of the day really. Twice a day on hot days! But seriously, can we just stop for a second and appreciate the fact that I have discovered nicecream? I know I'm late to the party. Maybe in fact, the party might already be over. But I'm here dancing in my PJ's anyway! Nicecream is easy to make, it doesn't require that much preparation, it tastes like divine creamy icecream and it's completely guilt-free! I know, nice marketing speech but it's all true and I can't wait for you all to try it!

When you want to make nicecream of any kind, you really need a good high powered blender. I didn't want to buy a Vitamix because no matter how many good reviews I read, in my opinion they are horrifically overpriced for well.. a blender. So I opted for the more reasonably priced Philips HR2093 ProBlend 6. On some sites it's still available but I think it's been updated to a newer version. The new one looks exactly the same though but it's slightly higher priced, possibly because of some new fancy features. I absolutely love my blender though: it's big, sturdy (glass), very powerful and best of all: you can put it in the dishwasher! I've been using this blender for one and a half years now and it still looks and feels brand new so I absolutely recommend it if you're looking for good quality on a somewhat smaller budget (we all know that all kitchen equipment is expensive). 


Recipe: Creamy mango nicecream

The recipe below is exactly what I used to make the bowl in the photos. It doesn't look that big and the ingredients aren't that much food but I struggled eating it all, so go ahead and halve the ingredients because it's best eaten immediately. Refreezing is possible but the texture will not be as creamy.

· 2 cups of frozen mango  
· 1 cup of mango flavoured Activia probiotic yoghurt

· Add both ingredients in a powerful blender on a slow setting  
· Blend until completely smooth  
· You might need to stop a few times to push the mango pieces down with a spatula if you don't have a blender that comes with a mixing rod like the Vitamix  
· Serve immediately in a bowl

· Fresh cherries (or other fruit)  
· Chia seeds  
· Sesame seeds   
· Coconut shavings  

Now that I have kind of (massively) fallen in love with nicecream, expect more trials, errors and recipes on different flavours and combinations! Can't wait to get creative with my blender and fix myself some delicious guilt-free breakfast and dessert bowls!

What about you?

Have you tried nicecream already?