20 January 2018 · posted in behind the scenes

Blog design

One of my seemingly easiest goals for this blog in 2018 is to not change my blog design. Easier said than done though. When you've been a reader for a longer period of time you've probably noticed this space go through quite a few different lay-outs in the past three years, the most recent one about two weeks ago (which I absolutely love). The journey to make this space into what it is today is (fittingly) the perfect analogy for my life's course so far but that's probably a story for another time. Bottom line is that I'm always changing my mind, never really sure what do to and where to go. I'm also a damn stubborn perfectionist and when combined, those two traits make a toxic combination. More than once I sabotage my own progress because I don't think it's good enough. This year, I'm going to try to just enjoy the process of blogging and creating content.


We all know that when it comes to consistency of posts, there is much progress to be made. I blame it on being a full time teacher with a crazy amount of weekend preparation and for at least 50% of the time that is true. The other 50% of my time though, I could probably spend more efficiently if I would plan ahead for posts a bit more. Especially during the winter months I really struggle with content and photos because of the limited amount of daylight (so I can only shoot during weekends). In this department, doing worse than last year isn't possible but I'm aiming higher than just doing better. In 2018 I finally want to master some kind of consistency of at least one post every week. Fingers crossed.


I am the absolute worst at sharing my own content and I want to get better at it. I know very well that growing a blog starts with creating wonderful content, but I also know that if you don't share those links across social media channels regularly, it doesn't matter how hard you try to produce beautiful and inspiring content, nobody will find their way to that content. It's like having the most beautiful hotel on a remote little island: you won't have any tourists unless someone knows about the place. Especially Pinterest is a platform that can be so powerful to create a flow of traffic but I haven't really figured it out just yet. Also Twitter was one of my biggest sources of traffic a few years ago but I feel like just posting links without actually using the platform is wrong on some level. So in 2018 I'm going to focus on finding ways of sharing my content, that feel comfortable (not spam!) and fit into my crazy schedule.


Even though we all say that it's not all about the numbers, it is all about the numbers. Looking at what my statistics used to be and what they are now I can tell you: they haven't changed for the better. Constant change, lack of consistency, months of no new content, lack of promotion, restarting from scratch, ... all of those things didn't really help to keep readers engaged and interested to come back to this space so that's why I really want to improve in those areas.

However, I do see that month after month a good few of you keep coming back to read what I write and I appreciate you so much. Even when I don't see you in the comment section (and would love to meet you there!), I know that you're here and that gives me a little push to keep creating beautiful content. Also every month a lot of new readers join our little tribe which shows me that it is absolutely possible to grow more this year. So I'm keeping my number goals fairly achievable this year, and maybe next year I'll be more ambitious.

Blog - 20K unique visitors, 50K page views
Instagram - 1K followers
Pinterest - 500 followers
Twitter - 1.2K


A lot of my blogging goals for this year are focusing on the technical side of blogging because I feel like I am lacking there the most. When it comes to writing content I feel like I am finally clear on the kind of posts I love to write and I want to continue making this blog a space of genuine, from the heart, content. In my photography I have come a long way too but I still have more to learn. I have been experimenting and finding my signature style and focusing on what works best for my posts this past year and I'm going to try my best to keep working on improving my photography this year because photos really do make or break content. I also want to work on injecting more of me into my content as I really like it when other bloggers do that. It is a little bit scary sometimes, sharing your soul with the world, but every time I've done it I've gotten nothing but love back, so I'm confident this time will be no different.