21 January 2018 · posted in brunch browsing


Inspired by others

Even before I had my own blog, I was always browsing around and reading other people's stories and I can't think of anything that has inspired me more over the years than articles and videos online. Whatever my mood, there was always someone out there that had the exact words I needed in that moment. Some of those words came from very established bloggers and brands, others came from blogs I had never heard of before. No matter where they came from, all of these messages had one thing in common: content creators that absolutely loved their trade. Whether that trade is music, food, travel, advice or something different: seeing other people share about things they love fills me up inside. I want to extend that feeling with you by sharing the articles and videos that have inspired me in a new series: brunch browsing. Maybe this will happen every week, maybe every month, but you'll definitely see more of these brunch browsing posts pop up. Hope you enjoy.


the action of eating, nibbling at, or feeding on delicious articles mid morning,
often accompanied by a heartwarming cup of tea, buttery pastries and a cosy blanket

Anybody else feel like they should get out more as a couple, but the sofa just feels too good? Here's some advice on Why you shouldn't feel bad to be in a boring relationship- Advice From a 20 Something

A beautiful piece on Finding happiness in the little things and a lovely idea to link memories to jewelry. - Sophie Etc

Beautifully written insights on Working from home & actually getting stuff done. Still secretly dreaming of one day being able to do that, with a more realistic vision of it thanks to Rebecca. - From Roses

Some really amazing ideas on How to get your whole family, including YOU, in the photo. Absolutely need to start doing this more as we almost never have photos of the two of us together. - Love Taza

For those of us struggling with confidence and living life with a positive mindset, here's little bit of advice on How to feel like you can do anything. Also absolutely beautiful photos for inspiration. - Amelia Liana

Always drooling over winter scenery photos on Instagram? Here's a whole post about Visiting Jasper National Park in Winter. Even if you really don't have the money to spend to go there, this post is like a mini vacation. - World of Wanderlust

As someone who has been struggling with weight and feeling good in my body for what feels like forever, I know how tempting it is to look for quick fixes. So good information and inspiration like How to lose weight without counting calories, explained by a nutritionist is really really welcome. - Hello Glow