11 February 2018 · posted in brunch browsing


Creating traditions

Although this is only the second edition of brunch browsing I really feel like this is a series that is going to stick. I absolutely love putting this post together as it pushes me to keep finding inspiration online. I also feel like, in a way, sharing links to other creative spaces, is me giving back a little to the rest of the blogging community. I know that one link isn't much, but it's a small and easy thing I can do. In this competitive time, I really believe in supporting other creators, especially those who have left an impression in my mind with some of their work. Hope they will inspire you too.


the action of eating, nibbling at, or feeding on delicious articles mid morning,
often accompanied by a heartwarming cup of tea, buttery pastries and a cosy blanket

When you're as confused as I am on how to use and grow on social media, here are some really useful insights on How the social algorithms really work- It's More Fun in Your 30's

Want to have a little vacation whilst sat in the sofa? No problem. Louise has got you covered with a full post on How much it really costs to visit Iceland for a week, jam-packed with beautiful snowy, golden and pink sky'd photographs.- The Little Things

If the winter weather and the seemingly unending mountains of work scare you, here is some wonderfully written advice on Staying on track in January. Seriously, her writing style alone calms me down, so valuable. - Kate La Vie

For all of you stationary and do it yourself lovers, Jessica has got you completely covered with an in depth post full of to-swoon-over photographs about Creating her dream wedding stationary. No wedding in sight here, but we can always dream right? - Twenty Six Style

An open and honest piece on The art of letting go. I swear, it's always the emotional, vulnerable stories that get me. Every. single. time. We need more of those. - Sophie Etc.

Finding it hard to be kind to yourself? Here's a little list of self love ideas your can do for yourself this year! - Because I'm Addicted

If you're as fascinated by activated charcoal as I am, and you're in need of some gut health these Activated Charcoal Gummy Bears are exactly what you need. - Hello Glow

A brutally honest post about blogging and writing exactly what you want to write, instead of writing posts you think others will like to read. Spoiler: I completely agree passion for what you write shows and authenticity is the only way to success. - Sophie Maie