31 January 2018 · posted in interiors


Triangle love

Our bedroom is definitely the room I am most proud of from our apartment renovation, because of this incredibly beautiful triangle statement wall. Every day when I walk in the bedroom when it's time to go to sleep my inner artiste still sings oh la la, we did good (think horrible french accent, stripes, dungarees and paint brushes!). Creating this wall certainly wasn't our fastest or easiest project during the renovation but it was for sure time well spent. It's also the part from our renovation we've gotten the best reactions on. Obviously the rest is also coming together nicely and the entire apartment looks way more modern that it did before, but this statement wall is so unique, daring and eye catching that it scores very well on the wow!-how-did-you-do-that?? front. So well, today I'm sharing with you how we did it.


The design

As with many of the other rooms in the apartment we immediately tore down wallpaper and removed flooring. We weren't living here yet at that time so it didn't really matter whether it was a mess or not. Stripping away all previous styling meant we had a completely blank canvas to work with. We knew we wanted a lot of white and some statement shapes and colours and we had found some ideas and inspiration on Pinterest but we still needed to actually make a plan for our wall. So once it was stripped we took a photo from the room and began painting, digitally. We fairly quickly decided we were going for something with triangles because you know, triangles are awesome! After a lot of brainstorming, shooting ideas, trying different parts of different walls and adjusting shapes and colours a thousand times over, finally we both liked the design of our wall. This process fits into one sentence now, but believe me when I say, it wasn't always pretty and we had quite a few major breakdowns over this wall design. Well maybe that's not entirely correct. I had quite a few major breakdowns over this wall design as I was really the one designing it, while Ruben mostly used his veto. (Sorry bae, but you know it's true.)


The painting

A lot of people tell us we did everything backwards in our renovation as it's apparently the norm to do flooring before painting and we didn't. But we figured it was much easier to paint ceilings and wall when you don't have to be scared of paint dripping, so we painted first. Before we could start on our designer statement wall we painted the entire room white. After that, the fun part started! We divided all our triangles into two groups of not overlapping / connecting triangles. We taped and painted one group first completely (one layer with a brush, one layer with a roller) and only when they were completely finished and dry we started the second group. What we discovered is that for flawless straight lines it's best to remove the painter's tape when the second layer is still a little wet. This way, you can still fix any minor bleeds under the tape very carefully with a sharp knife.


Before and after

I obviously know what our apartment looked like when we bought it and that we changed it pretty dramatically, but seeing photos taken from almost the exact same spot from before and after still shocks me a little. (Use the arrows on the right photo to see the before!) At the same time, I also can't stop clicking back and forth in awe and proudness of how much better it looks now (or at least I think it does!). Did I inspire you to go for a bold statement wall yet? Let me know in the comments below!