7 January 2017 · posted in interiors


From our home to yours

The reason I started this blog, with this name, at the time we bought our first apartment is simple: I wanted to share my love for beautiful spaces and I wanted to record how we make ours beautiful without a huge budget or a lot of knowledge about renovating. Almost three years have gone by since we signed for the place, and two and a few months since we moved in. Yesterday we hung the first light fixture. Before that, there were just bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I'm not telling you this because I'm proud of our oh so slow progress, I'm telling you this because I've been realizing lately that for us, however slow, this is the pace at which we are changing our spaces and it would be a fantasy to think we could do it any faster. However, in those almost three years, a lot has been changed, and I think it's time that I start sharing more bits and pieces of our home because that was the whole reason I started this blog.

Shop our home

So over the last week, when I redid the blog design for the millionth time, I added a shop where you can find clickable pictures of all our furniture and home items. That way if you ever see something beautiful in any of the photos, even if it's not linked in that particular blog post it will probably have a link in the shop. If ever you cannot find an item that you're curious about, just pop me an e-mail. I know lots of bloggers (especially bigger fashion and beauty bloggers) are using RewardStyle for their blog shops but I am nowhere near that kind of audience or consistent content, yet?) so I put together the pictures and links myself. Since all the links on the blog go through SkimLinks it is possible that I earn a little something when you make a purchase through that link. Being a blogger from tiny Belgium, with a lot of readers in the UK and the US, I tried to find the most universally accessible links possible (international shipping) but lots of items I could only find from their original store in Belgium, so forgive me if some items are not available for shipping to your country, but maybe having more details on an item will help you find a dupe.


Our home on a page

Seeing most of our interior items together on one page was a little weird at first, but I absolutely love how in the shop you can really see that everything, although sourced from different places and at different times, is coming together to create a bright and hearty home. Since we aren't done decorating all of our spaces yet (in search for the perfect items) and are constantly lusting for new things to add, there is also a home lust list with some items that we're looking at to maybe add to our home. For all the item that I personally am lusting for in all other areas of life there is a life lust list, which will probably serve as my memory and birthday wish list (you're welcome friends!). The first lust item has already been added to the life lust list because yesterday I fell in love with one of my friends' new pair of glasses, and I'm totally considering buying the exact same frame. Would that be weird? Anyway. I hope you enjoy shopping our home!