10 January 2018 · posted in food


Cold weather, cold desserts

Here in Belgium, the weather hasn't been that cold lately, just very dull and grey, which is even worse, but it's quite obvious that winter is in full swing and people are getting a little bit grumpy as a result (I'm talking about me, duh). So what's better than a little pick me up dessert? Just like I go through phases of cooking and baking, I also go through phases when it comes to my love of ice cream. Some weeks I (want to) eat it daily when other times I can go without thinking about it for months.

Truth be told, since I started working full time again in September after the summer break, I haven't really spent that much time preparing breakfasts or desserts, but I do really enjoy cold desserts during winter, especially when paired with something warm (For Christmas dinner we had home made apple strudel with vanilla ice cream!). These yummy looking pictures and the corresponding speculoos nicecream recipe have been waiting to be shared on the blog since August, but since I'm picking up right where I left off I thought it was only fair to share. 


Recipe: Speculoos nicecream

Only two ingredients and one kitchen tool, it doesn't get easier than this, but just so we will remember next time, here's the recipe.

· 2 frozen bananas (or ripe spotty brown bananas)  
· 3 (big) tsp crunchy speculoos spread

· If your bananas are already frozen, skip the next two steps  
· Peel the bananas and slice them into 4cm-ish pieces  
· Freeze in a ziplock bag for at least 4 hours  
· Put the frozen bananas and speculoos spread in your blender  
· Blend in a powerful blender on a slow setting until completely smooth  
· You might need to stop a few times to push the banana pieces down with a spatula  
· Serve immediately in a bowl

· Fresh strawberries (or other fruit)  
· Chia seeds  
· Sesame seeds   
· Coconut shavings  

Little update

You've probably noticed yet another new blog design (nº 276?) because even after the re-launch in May I still felt like it wasn't "grown up" enough. The new black and white logo has stayed the same since I really like it, but for the home page and summary pages I tried to use more image blocks and white transparent overlays to get a more streamlined and professional look paired with more stylish fonts. I hope you like it, and if you've been here, and you're still here, from the very beginning, thank you for sticking with me through the ups and downs. Happy snacking!