2 January 2018 · posted in food


I'm not a cook

When it comes to cooking and baking things that involve fancy recipes I go through phases. One month I will try something new every few days, other months I'll stick to what I know completely with no adventure involved. You're probably raising your eyebrows at me right now because one third of this blog is dedicated to food, but even though I have a weak spot for food (and taking pictures of food) I wouldn't call myself a good cook, or baker. I like experimenting and sometimes these accidental recipes turn out amazing, like my no knead chia bread, and when that happens I just have to do a little inner happy dance and record it somewhere so I can make/bake/cook it again the exact same way. (Yep, you got me, this whole blog is made mostly for me, to serve as my memory, because we all know mine isn't very good.) 


First breakfast of the year

For the whole month of December, Ruben and I had been saying to each other: "We really should make waffles again!". But December is such a busy month with Ruben's birthday, dinner parties, Christmas preparations/decorations that we just never really got around to those waffles. Also on the work front December is one of the busiest months of the year as a primary school teacher, having to get my first term reports ready to send home with my kiddos. So when Christmas break rolled around, we were definitely planning on making some waffles. So finally, yesterday, for our first breakfast/brunch/lunch of 2018, if you can even call it that at 4 in the afternoon after some serious friends time on NYE and a very late (euhm, early) bedtime, we spoiled ourselves with some waffles, apples and berry orange juice. Even though my other half still needs some convincing for everything that is out of his food comfort zone, I say we try and make a beautiful breakfast table a tradition in 2018.


Recipe: Sugarless spelt flour waffles

· 2 + 1/4 cups spelt flour  
· 1 tbsp baking powder  
· 1 cup milk  
· 3/4 cup water   
· 1/4 cup melted coconut oil  
· 2 eggs  
· pinch of salt   

· preheat your waffle iron on medium/high setting  
· mix dry ingredients in one mixing bowl   
· mix wet ingredients in another bowl  
· combine wet and dry ingredients and whisk until smooth    
· using a ladle, poor batter onto the waffle iron and close   
· cook for 6 to 7 minutes on medium / high setting   
(for the first waffle, check after 4 minutes or so, and then every other minute to make sure the timing is right for your iron!)    
· eat waffles right away, when the next ones are cooking, for extra crispiness! 

If you're worried that you're waffles aren't going to be sweet, don't be. In this recipe there's no sugar inside the waffles because I find that to make them sweet you have to add a ton of sugar and vanilla. However, if you love sweet waffles like I do, add sugar on top after they're baked and you'll have an even sweeter waffle with a fraction of the amount of sugar. Win!

Leftovers for president

When we make waffles we always have leftovers. Basically with everything we cook or bake, we intentionally prepare leftovers. They make easy food afterwards for the same amount of energy put in. Basically unplanned meal prep so we always have something in the fridge/cupboard. These waffles specifically are still amazing the day after or the day after that. Just let them cool down fully, wrap and store them in some aluminum foil and when you're ready for another waffle pop it in the toaster for a few minutes until warm and crispy!

What about you, do you like waffles? If so, what's your preferred waffle topping?